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HP Earnings Released Today (Really)

We already know the numbers will be good



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    Computer builder Hewlett-Packard, located in Palo Alto, was started by William Hewlett and David Packard, both Stanford graduates.

    Wall Street will be looking to Silicon Valley today as tech giant Hewlett-Packard Co. reports its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings.

    The Palo Alto-based tech giant is due to post its quarterly results after the markets close today.

    Today's numbers will come after HP preannounced better-than-expected fourth-quarter earnings last week.

    Though its 2009 guidance was also above forecasts, some investors are worried the company might be too optimistic.

    There are also concerns about HP's heavy exposure to hardware sales.

    More than half of the company's sales come from personal computers and servers and storage machines.

    It's an area hit hard by a clampdown in spending on technology.