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Last Minute Budget Ideas Wanted in San Jose



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     With four days remaining before the San Jose City Council votes on  the city's final budget, Councilwoman Rose Herrera said it is not too late  for bargaining units to come forward with proposals to address the city's  $118 million deficit.    

    "As it stands now, there is no easy way out," Herrera said at a  news conference at City Hall this afternoon. "But where will we be July 1? We  need budget reform now."   

     The city is in the process of negotiating with six remaining  bargaining units. Some have offered cost-saving proposals, but they are not  long-term, Michelle McGurk, a spokeswoman for Mayor Chuck Reed, said.  

     Reed has said the city is facing the most difficult fiscal  situation in its history. He has asked workers to take a 10 percent cut in  wages and benefits, saying that it could save a significant number of jobs  and services.     

    Herrera, who is considered the swing vote, said that both the city  and the bargaining units will have to set aside politics and instead focus on  solutions to the deficit to save libraries, community centers, and other  services that matter most to residents.    

    A public hearing on the budget will be held Monday at 7 p.m. and  will continue on Tuesday at the council meeting. The council will vote on the  final budget on that day.    

    Herrera was joined today by Reed, Vice Mayor Judy Chirco and  Councilman Sam Liccardo.