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Net Neutrality Illustrated: So That'S What It Means



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    What does net neutrality mean? An illustration is the best way to understand.

    If you think those cable TV weasels are bugging you now with their greedy tiered pricing, take a look at what could happen if they succeed at smacking down net neutrality. This graphic was created by a clever Reddit reader. The concept of net neutrality seems like some kind of dry political issue, but when you see what could happen if Big Cable gets its way, it hits home.

    So how would you feel about being nickel and dimed to death, forced to pay, say, $5 extra if you want to search Google, another $10 if you'd like to watch YouTube videos? Oh, but if you were using Road Runner, for example, all Time Warner sites and videos would come to you at no extra charge.

    Just so you know where politicians stand on this: Obama's FCC is taking steps to insure net neutrality, while Senator John McCain has introduced a bill to block the FCC's net neutrality rules. And you thought the 2008 election was over. Where do you stand, readers?