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New Kind of Sticker Shock at Bay Area Gas Pumps

If you look around, you'll find some surprising numbers at the pump these days



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    Gas prices drop across California

    In California, gas averaged $2.17 a gallon, down 40 cents in two weeks.

    San Francisco is the most expensive city in the state with an average of $2.24 a gallon. The cheapest is Stockton, at $1.95.

    There's at least one station in the Bay Area that beat that average.

    The Bonfaire Market in Concord was selling gas for $1.85 a gallon. Cars were lined up when it opened at 5:30 a.m. Monday morning. The station is located at the intersection of Grant and Solano.

    Concord Gas Station Drops Below $2 Per Gallon

    [BAY] Concord Gas Station Drops Below $2 Per Gallon
    A gas station in Concord wins the prize for lowest price per gallon at $1.85.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 24, 2008)

    There is also a gas station in Vallejo that is selling gas for $1.75 per gallon.

    This is the same station that was first to sell gas for under $2.  That was a couple weeks ago.

    The prices are much lower than a year ago.  We did the math and a Thanksgiving road trip from Oakland to Los Angeles (366 miles) in a car that gets 25 mpg would have cost you $51 last year.  This year it will only cost you $31.  That's a $20 savings.

    If you wanted to drive to Tahoe last year it would have cost $30.  This year the drive from Oakland will cost you $18.

    A national survey shows gas prices across the nation dropped to less than $2 a gallon for the first time since March 2005.

    The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline at self-serve stations was $1.97 Friday, falling 33 cents over the last two weeks. Mid-grade was at $2.12 and premium was at $2.24. That's according to the Lundberg Survey of 5,000 gas stations nationwide, released Sunday.

    Diesel was at $2.93, the first time it fell below $3 per gallon since September 2007.

    Gas was cheapest in St. Louis, at $1.89 for a gallon of regular. It was most expensive in Honolulu, at $2.81.