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Obama Reduces Himself to 140 Characters

President uses Twitter to announce primetime press conference



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    President Barack Obama has been called the most digital president in American history.

    It's a good thing Sen. John McCain wasn't elected president after all. No not for any political reasons - so take your cursor off the send button. But if the Arizona senator had taken over the country, we may not have known when his press conferences would be.

    Think about it. President Barack Obama on Friday used Twitter to tell the world that he will hold a primetime news conference next Wednesday.

    "You heard it here first: Primetime presidential news conference at the White House, Wed. 7/22 @ 9PM EDT," the White House tweeted.

    To Mr. McCain's credit he has been learning the Twitter lately but that's because he has some free time since he doesn't have to cancel debates to worry about the economy, stress over elections in Iran and figure out what Sarah Palin will do next.

    Obama's tweet was the first time a president decided to make a press conference announcement to the virtual world before the living world. The presser will be Obama's fourth prime time news conference since he took office in January.