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Scott Budman Blogs Live From CES



    Scott Budman Blogs Live From CES
    Scott Budman
    The sign for CES outside the convention hall.

    9:14 p.m.

    Just finished playing with the LG watch-phone hybrid. I see why it's getting so much attention. It's like having an iPhone on your wrist ..

    tell time, make calls, even listen to music files.

    Also got a whiff of the net book craze, played with more touch screen PCs, and even found some cool glasses to protect your eyes from constant computer use .. science meets technology.

    In the morning, the actual convention opens up to the public. More to come.

    LG watch and phone

    7:30 p.m.

    Welcome to Las Vegas, and the latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  As you can see by the photos,
    it's set-up time .. the show kicks off tomorrow morning, although we're off to get a late-night sneak peak at some of
    the cool gadgets that you'll be able to buy in a couple of years.
    The big news tonight .. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO speaking .. tomorrow morning, Palm expected to make big
    news with apps for its phones, a la the iPhone.
    Apple, as you may remember from previous years, not at CES .. they prefer to try and steal at least some of the thunder
    with MacWorld.
    More to come.