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Steve Jobs Can Get the Wrecking Ball

Woodside mansion will be torn down



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    Steve Jobs won his battle against historical preservationists.

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs has won a five-year battle with a 6-1 decision by the Woodside City Councilallowing him to tear down an 84-year old mansion on his property.

    The 17,000 square foot Spanish colonial edifice was designed by George Washington Smith for copper-baron Daniel C. Jackling in 1925.

    Jobs says he wants to build a smaller house, about 6,000 square feet in its place.

    His complaint was that restoring the old building would have cost him $5 million more than putting up a new house.

    Of course, the repairs might not have proved so costly had he maintained the building -- photos of the interior released earlier this year showed ruinous neglect.

    Photos from inside the home show massive damage to the interior, including a grand old pipe organ under a leaky roof and covered in debris.  Other photos shows mold growing on ceilings and vines sprouting from the walls.

    Jobs once offered to give it away to anyone willing to move it off the site.

    Steve Jobs' Old Mansion Still a Big Issue

    [BAY] Steve Jobs' Old Mansion Still a Big Issue
    Steve Jobs wants to tear down a historic mansion he owns on the Peninsula and rebuild on the property but some in the community say - save the historic building.
    (Published Thursday, April 30, 2009)

    Jobs lived there for years.  He moved out over a decade ago after calling the house an "abomination."

    Jobs is currently on medical leave from Apple Computer while he recuperates from an unknown illness that caused the cancer survivor to lose significant weight.

    Jackson West hopes the Aoelian Pipe Organ at least can be saved.