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Steve Wozniak Dances the "Worst Samba" Ever

Apple co-founder struggles to stay afloat



    Steve Wozniak Dances the "Worst Samba" Ever
    Steve Wozniak and his parner Karina Smirnoff dance on the second episode of "Dancing With the Stars."

    At least we can agree that Steve Wozniak as a huge heart. The lovable co-founder of Apple was on the dance floor again Monday night and the result was just about the "worst samba" ever.

    "The Woz," as he is known by his friends and faithful fans, was dancing through a new hamstring injury this week that almost pulled him out of the competition for a second week in a row. Last week he danced with a fractured foot. (Maybe big boys weren't meant to samba? Just a thought).

    But the computer guru refused to blame his injuries on his poor dancing skills. And his dance partner, Karina, refused to let him drop out of the competition.

    "Yesterday evening I was sure that I couldn't dance on Monday, due to so much pain that I would wince when I walked. It wasn't pretty," Wozniak wrote to his fans on Monday before the dance. "My partner, Karina, is very familiar with such injuries and worse. She was of the opinion that if I withdrew from 'Dancing With the Stars,' rumors would fly that I was using this injury as an excuse. She has danced with pulled hamstrings many times. I can tell you from how this one felt, that it's not the same for a 20-year-old as it is for a 58-year-old."

    Maybe Karina thinks its better if Wozniak gets booted from the contest. It can't be long now. He scored the lowest point total on week three along with fellow injured "Jackass" Steve-O.

    Each week it seems judge Bruno Tonioli comes up with a new colorful quote to break Wozniak's back.  After his week one performance Tonioli summed up the performance by saying watching Wozniak dance, "was like watching a teletubbie going mad in a gay pride parade."

    But The Woz simply rebuffed the comment by pointing out "that Teletubbies aired for 5 years, had 365 episodes, and a #1 music single. I'd take that as a compliment."

    But Monday night's criticism might be tougher to shake off. Tonioli said it was absolutely the "worst samba" he'd ever seen and judge Carrie Ann Inaba joined in the criticism by saying the "novelty starts to wear off" seeing a big man shake his groove thing. You can check out the full video on YouTube.

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