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The Twitter TV Show and Other Secrets

Hacker who broke into employees' online accounts spills details



    The Twitter TV Show and Other Secrets
    Joi Ito
    Twitter co-founder Evan Williams won't feel safe online any time soon.

    Twitter is back in the news and garnering some popular support in the wake of an incident that saw the personal email accounts of the company's employees broken into.

    TechCrunch, a tech blog, came under fire for republishing some of the information posted by those who had accessed the private accounts.

    One was a failed pitch to the company to participate in a reality television show tentatively titled "Final Tweet." The perpatrator, reported by TechCrunch to go by the handle "Hacker Croll," allegedly used the email access to gain access to Twitter cofounder Evan Williams's accounts on, PayPal and Apple among others.

    Williams' wife, Sara Morishige Williams, and other employees were also struck, apparently through using personal information to get through password recovery procedures built into the various security systems.

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