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No Job? Get One Answering Unemployment Calls



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    It takes a true maverick to come up with ideas like fixing unemployment by hiring more unemployment office staffers.

    If you're looking for a job -- and more of you are than ever before -- you might want to apply to the Employment Development Department, which hands out unemployment benefits.

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is speeding up the hiring process for the EDD, with 850 already accepted and another 300 still to be hired, including jobs in San Jose and Sacramento.

    It's certainly one way to help solve the states growing job crisis.

    According to newly released figures, 11.2 percent of the state workforce, or 2 million, are currently out of work.

    Gov Wants to Pay You to Answer Calls

    [BAY] Gov Wants to Pay You to Answer Calls
    The governor wants to hire more than 1,100 people to help answer the state's unemployment hotline.
    (Published Friday, April 17, 2009)

    It's the highest number of jobless Californians since 1983, and it's expected to continue climbing.

    And of course, the EDD will have to borrow billions to cover the few it is hiring and pay benefits to everyone else.

    Jackson West would like to remind people to apply for food stamps as well.