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Chicks Know Their Gadgets

And, men, you need to step up your knowledge



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    Women know their gadgets.

    If you're a woman, you probably know the routine:  Walk into a Best Buy, and immediately feel patronized.  Like an auto dealer, the gadget store likely treats you as a second-class citizen assuming they're going to have to hold your hand.

    But if you're with a man.  Then, you're OK.  Because men know all about tech gadgets, and can guide you through the icky intimidating maze that is the tech world.  Right?

    Well, wait a minute.  We've got a new survey here, and it says something completely different:  

    Turns out, according to Silicon Valley-based consumer guide Retrevo, women know a lot more about gadgetry than we give them credit for .. and men?  They come up short.

    Women know their Gadgets

    [BAY] Women know their Gadgets
    New survey shows women know more about gadgets than men.
    (Published Friday, April 24, 2009)

    Want details?  I offer up "MB."  More women in the survey knew the shorthand for megabytes than men.  How about the "1080p" sticker on your HDTV?  25 percent of the men in the survey got that wrong, compared to 17 percent of women.   The main reason?  Women were way more willing to admit that they didn't know what "1080p" means. 

    The survey takers admit that, yes, women do know more than they get credit for, but even more importantly, are willing to take the time to learn.  We men, it turns out, are pretty much blowhards when it comes to tech knowledge.  It's like I tell my friends who ask me to connect something .. I talk a good game in the tech world, but as far as actual knowledge?  I leave that to my wife.

    So, lest we fall victim to yet another gender stereotype, remember this:  Women are more willing to ask.  That means, they may not get as much credit at the Best Buy  as the guy bloviating in front of the big screen TV, but they're probably going to be better at hooking the damn thing up.