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eBay: Senate Seat to the "Highest BLEEP-ing Bidder"

Illinois Senate seat, slightly worn, up for bid on Bay Area-based eBay



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    Illinois Senate seat, slightly worn, up for bid on Bay Area-based eBay

    For sale: One Senate seat. Going to the highest BLEEP-ing bidder. Seller's positive feedback rating since Tuesday: Just about zero.

    Outraged by the arrest of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, more than a dozen people have put the state's vacant Senate seat up for bid on eBay.

    The offers popped up on the San Jose-based Internet auction site after Blagojevich was accused Tuesday of trying to benefit financially from his power to appoint a Senate replacement to President-elect Barack Obama.

    Daniel Finnegan, a student at the University of Georgia, said he started an auction because he's "extremely upset about what happened" and wants to voice his opinion.

    Finnegan says he's glad others posted similar auctions so the accusations against Blagojevich don't go unnoticed.

    University of Illinois student Matt Platino says he posted his entry to be funny, but also because he's upset with Blagojevich.

    At least one seller carefully noted the ad was, "not an offer for actual US Senate seat. ... For entertainment purposes only."

    Another wound up with a similar disclaimer, but not before unloading on the governor: "OPEN YOUR CHECKBOOKS, OR PUT THE THUMBSCREWS ON SOMEONE TO GIVE A HIGH PAYING EXECUTIVE JOB TO AN ASSININE, GREEDY VINDICTIVE POL OR HIS WIFE."

    And folks are bidding, some jokingly. One posting ("Used Illinois Senate seat, all wood and leather, willing to deal on this one! Please be advised I will be away from my office for a while..."), had 78 bids and was going for $99,999,999.00 Wednesday morning.