Fee For Bounced Checks, Using Other ATM Rises

Average Cost of Using Another Bank's ATM: $3.43

A new survey finds that fees for bounced checks and withdrawing cash from an out-of-network ATM rose again this year.

Bankrate.com says the average cost of using another bank's ATM is now $3.43 while a bounced check now costs an average of $28.95, up 2.5 percent from a year ago.

Senior financial analyst Greg McBride says there's no excuse for losing track of a balance anymore with 24-7 online access to accounts. In addition, more banks are offering free checking accounts.

The average monthly service fee on noninterest-bearing checking accounts fell to $1.93.

That's down from 10 years ago when it was $5.37. That fee is only applied if you don't maintain the minimum balance, which dropped to an average of just over $109 this year, down from $155 and change last year.

Bankrate.com's survey is based on information from 249 banks and thrifts in the nation's 25 largest metropolitan areas

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