iTunes With a Twist

Lala allows users to listen to music online

How's this for a prince of a deal? All the music you can listen to on the web for ten cents a song.

"We think this is the best time ever for consumers to be on the web for music," said Bill Nguyen, co-founder of lala media, a Silicon Valley company that convinced the music industry to come on board the online music revolution.

So when you find music on, you won't find ads in your way. Just lots of music to listen to and buy with the company sharing profits with the artists.

"What happened between the last five years and this year is the web is unquestionably the future for music," Nguyen said. "No doubt about it. It makes sense.  Where do we spend all of our (time these) days? In front of a browser, right?"

So lala lets you listen to any song, start to finish, for free.

Then, if you want, you can buy it, share it with friends and turn your web browser into a music-oriented social networking site.

Think of it as iTunes with a twist.

"I think the big difference with iTunes is, you can't try any music for free," Nguyen said. "You just have to buy it. Now, on lala, you can try six million songs from 170,000 labels, all for free and if you want to keep listening to it on the web, it's 10 cents, download to your iPod? An additional 79 cents."

Lala hopes the numbers will add up and that more music will eventually lead to more money and more chances for you to find your favorite songs. debuts its new music finding service Tuesday.

You'll be able to find major label and independent artists on the website.

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