John McCain Learns the Twitter

Twitter to host conversation with senator

He may not have been able to do the E-mail or the Googles when he was running for president but apparently, Sen. John McCain has had some time to learn new tricks.

George Stephanopoulos and John McCain plan to be "tweeting" Tuesday in an interview hosted on the Twitter Web site.
The Arizona senator and the ABC News correspondent will come together online for a "Twitterview" to be conducted at 12 noon EDT on Tuesday. But they can't get too wordy. The microblogging platform restricts each entry to just 140 characters.

"We're going to attempt to conduct a full interview exclusively on Twitter -- complete with the 140-character limit," Stephanopoulos said in a statement Friday. He said it was the latest in an effort to find new ways to connect with viewers of "This Week," which he anchors.

The public will be able to read the real-time 15-minute exchange by signing up at the Twitter site to follow both Stephanopoulos and McCain.

Meanwhile, Stephanopoulos is inviting everyone to "tweet" him proposed questions -- with a 140-character limit.
Twitter is a growing Internet phenomenon, with millions of participants, including increasing numbers of public figures who use it to reach their supporters.
While messages posted by the average Twitter user might be read by a few dozen registered "followers," Stephanopoulos' Twitter page Friday listed more than 148,000 followers, while McCain could claim nearly 200,000.

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