Luxury Less Attractive When You Can't Afford It

Even as USA Today was profiling Novato architect Michelle Kaufmann, her business was in the process of closing up shop. And it's not an isolated case!

Green Fusion in San Anselmo just shuttered; linen company Paper White in San Rafael unloaded a bunch of merchandise and moved to a new location; and Pacific Floral Distributors (sister shop to San Francisco Flower Mart) closed. For folks who live to live high on the hog (that is to say, almost everyone in the North Bay), challenging times require cutbacks and tough choices. Boo hoo.

But wait, it's not all bad news -- Michelle Kaufmann's still hard at work! Right now she's working on a project in Denver that involves live-work spaces and possibly a retirement village. Apparently her current project is "reinterpreting the concept of co-housing." Oh, good.

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