Moblyng Releases Cross-Platform Slideshow App for the iPhone

Moblyng, one of the leaders of mobile social media, has announced the release of its slideshow application for the Apple iPhone. This cross-platform app will allow you to create and share slideshows of photos with musical soundtracks on the iPhone, other smartphones and social media sites.

The interesting thing about this app is that iPhone users don’t just play these slideshows on their device, they can actually create slideshows from their iPhone. They can use the photos on the iPhone’s Photo Library or Camera Roll and add animated effects and transitions and share the slideshows with other iPhones or mobile devices that can support video.

These slideshow videos can also be shared as video embeds on most social media and social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. You can also save them to the Moblyng mobile site. This allows you to share your slideshows again down the road whenever you want.

Considering the fact that the iPhone contains large collections of music and photos, it made sense that someone would create an app like this one. Moblyng can now tap into this wealth of available resources to create multimedia slideshows. Since the iPhone has WiFi capability and 3G access, sharing these videos won’t be much of a problem.

What’s surprising is that Moblyng actually beat some of the biggest names in the slideshow game to the punch, including and RockYou, who both dominate on social media platforms such as Facebook and MySpace. However, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise when you take into account that Moblyng has been gaining traction with the mobile crowd as they recently surpassed one million unique visitors on their mobile site. Knowing how competitive and RockYou are, we can expect iPhone apps from them very soon.

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