New App Adds Color to Things

If you need some cheap advice about matching stuff in your wardrobe or decorating your living room, this may be the iPhone application for you. ColorMatch is being billed as the solution for staying stylish in a bad economy.

How does it work? You create a color using the application’s finger-touch slider bars, pick a shade from the color wheel or snap a photo of something using the iPhone’s camera.   Then ColorMatch suggests the five best coordinating colors. 

For example, you can find a couch at the store, take a photo with your iPhone and find out instantly which color pillows would match.  You can even email your color choices to your roommate and get their opinion.

Software maker Raisix, Inc. calls “the quick and easy way to coordinate the colors in your life,” saying it can make matching colors during clothes shopping and home decorating a little easier.   And the company says it's finding people are receptive to the application in an aconomy where people are trying to cut back on unnecessary costs without giving up their lifestyles.

“These new features embrace the iPhone’s capabilities in an expanded, and user friendly way.  It’s now almost effortless to select and share colors with the confidence of a professional stylist or decorator,” said Yaron Sinai, founder and chief executive officer of Raisix, Inc. 

ColorMatch costs $4.99 on iTunes or at the company’s website

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