New Cell Phone Makes Sci-Fi a Reality

Researchers are saying that a new cell-phone invention could turn science fiction into a reality.

James Buckwalter, a University of California, San Diego, researcher, unveiled an invention last week, according to the The assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at UCSD's Jacobs School of Engineering developed the new signal amplifier for the silicon chips usedin cell phones. With the amplifier, phones will be able to handle 10 to 100 times the bandwidth and signals.

The "cascaded constructive wave amplifier" will allow phone users to see decent-quality video over their phones.

Instead of a grainy picture that freezez up and delayed audio, "instantaneous remote visual interactions (teleconferencing) will be movie quality," Buckwalter told the

"I would have to say that in the history of this field, there have been four or five innovations, and this may be the sixth," sadi Larry Larson, chairman of the Jacobs School's electrical and computer engineering department.

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