Noe Valley to Get Most Noe Valley Bank Ever

Family-friendly amenities for San Francisco neighborhood's hard-working VCs

Don't worry, parents of Noe Valley: Soon, your children will no longer have to endure whole minutes deprived of stimulation while you deposit enormous checks at the bank.

Circle Bank is planning to open a branch (near San francisco's newest Whole Foods, of course) with some unusual amerities: a stroller corral, a children's play area, and weekend hours. Weekend hours! This will be music to the ears of Noe Valley's hard-working venture capitalists, a group known for their commitment to family.

Over the last decade, Noe Valley has become a sort of high-class barometer for Internet investments, serving as a home to dotcom wannabees before the bust, then suffering a decline along with everyone else and serving as an escape from the tumbleweeds of South Park before once again serving as a place to settle down after cashing out (or just before).

Throughout it all, though, Noe Valley has been dominated by kids kids kids kids kids. And also, money. So what could be better than a kid-friendly bank? It's never too early to acclimate your children to weath management.

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