SezWho Adds Features and Partners to Comment Reputation System

SezWho has announced a new release for their universal profile and reputation service which aims to enhance performance and provide new interface integration options. They’ve also announced feed incorporation with BlogCatalog, the blog directory service.

Additionally, SezWho has formed a partnership with Instablogs, the social news service. SezWho will now add their reputation management and universal profile system for Instablog readers, connecting personal brands from all over the Web into a centralized portfolio. Instablog readers can now take full advantage of SezWho features such as rating posts and content. This union will also mean readers will be able to find what they’re looking for quicker.

As for new features, SezWho offers new options for WordPress and phpBB users. There are four new universal profile templates including support for popular threaded discussion formats. There’s also support for local CSS and JavaScript, Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down ratings for posts, configurable pop-ups, improved support for filtering, support for multiple WordPress installations in a single database, and simplified upgrades.

The new SezWho release will help distinguish the service, as well as change the misperception that SezWho is a commenting system similar to competitors such as Disqus. In actuality, SezWho is not a commenting system that replaces existing platforms, because it does not manage comments. Instead, it provides a reputation and profile system that enhances user engagement and interaction, which ultimately generates more traffic and activity.

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