The Influencer Effect: Barracuda Networks

Interview with Erin Hintz, Chief Marketing Officer Barracuda Networks

Erin Hintz is an energetic and results driven marketing executive. She shares valuable lessons learned along her illustrious career path that began humbly with a paper route.  Erin reveals the best career advice she ever received, as well as career tips for those just getting out of college.

Watch all of Hintz's answers to these questions in the video player above.

Q1. What is it like to work in Cyber Security?

Q2. What roles does AI play in Cyber Security?

Q3. Why did you choose cyber security as your line of work?

Q4. How hard is it to reach your target audience?

Q5. What advice would you give a recent college graduate?

Q6. Is it hard for females to get leadership roles in the tech industry?

Q7. Who were your influencers?

Q8. How do you balance work and personal life?

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