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Burbank Man Describes His Close Encounter With Pack of Coyotes

Surveillance footage from two nights this week show a large pack of coyotes lurking in Burbank neighborhood



    A large pack of coyotes were spotted in Burbank twice this week, and one surveillance camera captured footage of a man as he was being followed by the pack. (Published Friday, Aug. 1, 2014)

    A Burbank man is on alert after a close encounter with a pack of coyotes this week.

    Burbank resident Nick Mendoza shared surveillance footage of two separate nights that the coyotes were spotted in the neighborhood near East Walnut Street and North 5th Street.

    "The first night, the neighborhood was woken by a…coyote. The coyote was screaming and yelling, something was being eaten, something was being killed. It was very loud, all the neighbors came out," Nick Mendoza said.

    Surveillance footage from that night shows a pack of coyotes running through a front yard.

    "They were like wild horses going up and down, up and down the entire neighborhood," Mendoza said.

    A few days later, Mendoza said he was walking his dog around 3 a.m. when he had his own encounter.

    "As I got halfway down the block, I saw four coyotes, five coyotes. I started getting nervous, but then behind them, about a half a block past them, there were probably about 10, 15, 20 around there," Mendoza said. "It was a big pack, it was a huge pack."

    Mendoza said he started running, and that the other coyotes started following him.

    "I was scared, I’ve never been chased by wild animals," Mendoza said.

    Surveillance footage shows Nick Mendoza running to his house with dog. Shortly thereafter, four coyotes are spotted coming down the street in his direction.

    "I got a trench shovel and I hit (the cement) and that’s when the four to five caught up to me," Mendoza said. "I started actually trying to chase them and they went back."

    According to Mendoza, coyote sightings in the neighborhood are not unusual, but a pack that large is.

    "This is the first time the coyotes have become a serious issue, that I know of," Mendoza said.

    Mendoza contacted the Burbank Police Department, who directed him to the animal shelter. Mendoza is waiting to hear back from the animal shelter, he said.