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California Bars Schools From Using 'Redskins' Name

Starting in 2017, schools will no longer be able to use name for sports teams or mascots



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    California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill barring schools from using Redskins name in sports teams or mascots Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015.

    California public schools will be barred from using the Redskins name for sports teams and mascots under legislation Gov. Jerry Brown signed.

    The legislation, AB30, will prevent public schools from using a term that American Indians regard as offensive, starting in 2017.

    Democratic Assemblyman Luis Alejo of Watsonville says the name dates from a period in California history when bounty hunters were rewarded for slaying Native Americans and should not be dignified with school affiliations.

    Only four schools in California still have teams or mascots called the Redskins. A federal panel ruled last year that the team trademark for NFL's Washington Redskins should be canceled, but the team is challenging the decision.

    Brown rejected separate legislation on Sunday that bans naming parks, schools and other public property after Confederate leaders.