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Groveland, Town at Gates of Yosemite, Emerges from Rim Fire

Tiny Sierra town relies on tourism lost to Rim Fire this year



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    Unburned, but still at risk.

    Call it Phoenixtown.

    Groveland, the town at the gates of Yosemite National Park that nearly burned down during August's Rim Fire, is emerging from the ashes, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    What the historic conflagaration didn't destroy with flames, it hurt with economics: the closure of the approach to the park at the height of tourist season hurt the town's business dearly, the newspaper reported.

    PHOTOS: Rim Fire Rages in Yosemite Park

    The Rim Fire raged for two months and claimed the lives of family pets and historic homes.

    The town has 600 people but 2 million annual visitors, the newspaper reported -- but fewer this year. After the fire, which could not shut down Yosemite despite 10 percent of it burning, came sequestration -- which did shut the park down.

    And after that, snow.

    The situation has become so dire that the owners of the iconic Iron Door Saloon, which has been quenching the thirst of visitors and now firefighters since the 1890s, fear they'll have to shut down.

    But they're still here for now. As is Groveland.