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House Sides With Ridesharing Services Uber, Lyft



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    PHOENIX (AP) - The Arizona House has given final approval to a bill that exempts Uber and other rideshare companies from the same regulations that traditional taxi and limo companies have.
    House Bill 2262 exempts rideshare companies from the commercial insurance requirement that affects traditional taxi, limo and livery companies by not requiring that drivers be insured at all times on the job. It also would not require that rideshare drivers be drug tested. It would require that Uber insure its drivers with $1 million policies.
    The insurance, banking and taxi industries oppose the bill.
    Uber and Lyft - both based in San Francisco - launched aggressive public relations and social media campaigns to push for the approval of the bill.

    The bill was approved Wednesday with a 31-22 vote. It will now go to the governor.