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Stockton Thieves Target Pharmacies for Cough Syrup



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    A measuring cup for cough syrup.

    Stockton police say thieves are targeting pharmacies to get their hands on a codeine-based cough syrup used to make a potentially deadly party drink.

    The Record of Stockton reports that there have been seven pharmacy holdups or burglaries in the city since May, five of those in the past two months. One of the main targets has been promethazine with codeine, a syrup used to treat cold or allergy symptoms.

    Authorities say it is also used in ``Purple Drank,'' a cocktail with Sprite or Mountain Dew, ice and Jolly Ranchers candy that causes a euphoric sensation.

    The syrup commands a street price of anywhere from $200 to $1,200 a pint.

    Stockton police spokesman Officer Joe Silva says investigators do not have any good leads. Nobody has been injured in the robberies.