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Truck Smashes into La Mesa Art Gallery



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    O'Dunn Fine Art after a pickup truck drove through the front window

    A truck drove through the front window of a La Mesa art gallery Monday morning, coming just inches away from framed paintings.

    Around 10 a.m., a white Ford Ranger pickup drove over the sidewalk and into O’Dunn Fine Art in the 8300 block of La Mesa Boulevard.

    Theresa Favro owns Amethyst Moon, the shop next door that opened just two weeks ago.

    “We were just opening the shop here, and I heard a big crash and it scared me, so I came right out,” Favro said.

    “Kind of scary. Shook up the neighborhood. Everyone came running,” she said.

    First responders from La Mesa Police and Heartland Fire helped the driver and passenger out of the truck and backed the vehicle out of the shop.

    Shattered glass and smashed bricks covered the sidewalk.

    Both the driver and the passenger walked away without injuries. The gallery was closed on Monday, so no one else was inside.

    Passenger Brandon Fitzpatrick said his uncle was driving the pickup truck. He said he thinks his uncle may have had a problem with his prosthetic leg.

    “His foot slipped off the break when we were trying to park, hit the gas I think, and we went through the window of this store,” Fitzpatrick said.

    “It just happened so quick. I was shocked,” he said.

    There is no dollar amount yet for the damage done to the building and merchandise.