Boaters Rescue Fawn From Northern California Lake

Boaters enjoying a day at a Northern California lake over Memorial Day Weekend rushed to the aid of a baby deer seen struggling in the water, pulled the fawn to safety and eventually reunited it with its mother.

The rescue and reunification took place Saturday at Lake of the Pines in Nevada County, according to a woman who documented the effort on Twitter.

Video from the scene showed the baby deer stuck along a rocky shore, unable to hop onto dry land due to rock barrier in its way. As the boaters approached, the fawn, which could be heard crying for help, swam toward them. A man on the boat swiftly scooped up the deer and brought it to safety.

A woman aboard the boat eventually rolled up her pant legs, slid into the chilly water, navigated the rocky shoreline with the deer in her arms and delivered it to its mother.

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