Boulder Creek Fire Zones Prep for Rainy Season

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Trying to get ahead of the rainy season, work crews in the Boulder Creek fire zone cleaned out gutters and culverts Monday, hoping to make the area as debris-free as possible.

"Getting ready for the rain, we clean off the driveway, we have a longish driveway, make sure the culverts are all gonna work, because it's hard to clean 'em when there's a lot of water standing around,” said Matt Noel of Boulder Creek.

Some of the plant life that would act as a natural water stop was lost in the fire. 

"We were at the edge of the evacuation zone, and there was enough tension around our neighborhood,” said Bob Stevens.

Now,  that tension switches to flooding concerns.

"It sure seems like a lot more people were cutting down trees and cleaning up their property after the last wildfire than I have ever seen before," said Lois Stevens.

One of the hazards, they say, of living where it's so beautiful.

"We put up with this so we can live up here all the time," said Lois.

Crews clearing away the debris say their biggest concern is that once the rains come, more fire-damaged debris will roll in, and take its place. 

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