‘CalExit' Campaign Returns Hoping to Become an Independent Nation

It’s official. The “CalExit” campaign is back and they plan to relaunch the ballot measure on February 14.

The “CalExit” campaign tweeted Wednesday their intentions of relaunching the campaign in Sacramento specifically on Valentine’s Day. The tweet also included an image depicting California and the United States separated from one another with the words “Happy Divorce Day” where the campaign boasts “Valentine’s Day as the day America see’s the most divorces.”

According to a Facebook event created by the “CalExit” campaign titled, “California files for Divorce from the USA – CalExit Petition Relaunches” organizers plan to meet at the State Capitol for a signing of California’s declaration of independence starting at noon.

This is not the first time “CalExit” has been proposed, but the concept has gained traction among California ns.

Based on a poll conducted by Reuters in 2017, one in every three California residents supports the withdrawal from the U.S. The 32 percent rate is slightly higher than the 2014 poll where only 20 percent of residents favored independence.

If the measure does get approved for the 2018 ballot and California approves to disband from the United States then an independence referendum could be held in 2021, but the campaign would still need a required amendment to the U.S. Constitution for it to work.

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