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NorCal Gas Station Manager Fired After Mistakenly Setting Gas Price at 69 Cents

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A Rancho Cordova man was fired recently after he mistakenly set up gas prices far below the current standard price in California, SFGate reported.

Several customers went to a Shell gas station in town on June 9 to find gas prices at only 69 cents a gallon.

John Szczecina, the former manager on duty at the time of the incident, accidentally placed the decimal point in the wrong place when trying to set the correct price of $6.99 per gallon.

Szczecina's mistake cost the gas station a total of $16,000.

A swift rise in gas prices continued over the past week and doesn't appear to be slowing anytime soon as the average cost in the Bay Area approaches $7 a gallon. Cierra Johnson reports.

The average gas price in the Bay Area as of Monday ranged from $6.47 in Solano County to $6.68 in Marin County, AAA data showed. Among the region's three major metro areas, San Francisco had the highest average price at $6.64, while San Jose and Oakland both were at $6.55.

Here are a few tips to help save money at the pump:

  • Use a gas-finding app that locates stations with the lowest prices.
  • Pay with a gas credit card.
  • Plan trips in advance for the most efficient route; Google Maps and other travel apps can assist.
  • Drive the speed limit and minimize idling time.
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