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Fountain Grove Neighborhood on High Alert Due to Glass Fire

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For many in the North Bay, this is not their first wildfire or evacuation order. 

The Fountain Grove neighborhood in Santa Rosa was on high alert Monday as residents still recovering from the last wildfire were threatened by the Glass Fire.

“We came to see what we could in Rincon Valley,” said Terry Benedetti. “We live over there, we think our ranch is OK, we're not sure.

This is her third mandatory fire evacuation since 2017 and says it’s devastating.

Many Santa Rosa evacuees describe the last 24 hours as “reliving trauma.” The Glass Fire ravaged parts of the northeastern suburb called Skyhawk and that’s where NBC Bay Area’s Melissa Colorado spent the day, surveying the damage.

“Just glad we got our critters out, we're safe,” she said.

Stephanie Pile was also evacuated.

“I guess it's the new normal, we pay a big price to live in California,” she said.

Pile thinks her home is still standing, she had fire damage in 2017.

“A lot of exterior and interior damage,” Pile said. “Got lucky- maybe this time too. We'll see I feel bad for all the wildlife and everybody else.”

With smoke in the air and ash on the ground, everyone is impacted.

“Pretty scary,” said Steve Dunlap. “My wife was packing, I was on the edge,”

Dunlap moved home to his rebuild in Fountain Grove just two months ago after his home and neighborhood burned to the ground in the Tubbs Fire.

He spent Sunday night in his backyard watching the ridge across the valley burn, preparing to leave. He says he is one more close call away from moving.

“Bunch of neighbors talking this morning there will be an exodus if it ever comes up the hill again,” Dunlap said.

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