Mosquito Fire

Air Quality Impacted as Mosquito Fire Continues to Burn Near Lake Tahoe

Friday, the skies were orange on the Eastern shore of Lake Tahoe as air quality is now a big concern.

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The Mosquito Fire is ravaging El Dorado and Placer counties as air quality is becoming a major concern.

As of Saturday morning, it exploded to 33,754 acres in less than a week with no containment.

Meng Zhou and her family recently traveled from Redwood City to Donner Lake, an area close to where the wildfire is now burning.

Zhou said her family vacation was not exactly what she had in mind.

“So, while I was checking the weather meticulously to make sure the heat wave was over, I didn’t really anticipate that I think it was overnight on Thursday that there would be the Mosquito Fire,” she said.

The Mosquito Fire has already burned nearly 30,000 acres, that’s more than any other wildfire this year, according to Cal Fire.

Homes have been reduced to ashes in a situation that has become dire. Fire crews from all over the Bay Area are there to help stop the spread, including Santa Rosa Fire Department.

The plume of smoke from this wildfire clearly seen from above by a passenger on a plane heading out of SFO.

Zhou hopes the firefighters have the stamina to keep going, while those who might not have anything to go back to.

“Our hearts are totally with the residents here. We ourselves want to make sure that we are tracking the news and have an escape plan in case it comes to that,” she said.

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