Caught on Camera: Fiery Crash at Central Valley Gas Station

No one was injured in the crash and fire at the gas station in Ceres, a city located outside Modesto

A car crashes into a pump at a gas station in Ceres, Calif.
Ceres Fire Department

A car slammed into a pump at a gas station in California's Central Valley Sunday evening, sparking a blaze and sending people running for safety.

Officials said the fiery crash happened at a Shell station in Ceres, a city located outside Modesto. Despite the high-speed impact and subsequent blaze, no one was injured.

A nearby surveillance camera captured the car smash into the pump at a high rate of speed. The impact sent the car into the air momentarily and toppled the pump. One person could be seen running for cover while another jumped in their car and drove away from the blaze.

The Ceres Fire Department said the pump's safety systems kicked in and the blaze was doused before it could spread to nearby cars and buildings.

Crews managed to prevent gasoline, oil and other fluids from getting into nearby storm drains, the fire department said.

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