Northern California

Convicted “Eco-Terrorist” Says Female FBI Informant Ensnared Him

A Northern California man who was convicted of masterminding a plot to blow up two federal facilities and had his 20-year sentence cut short because prosecutors failed to turn over all their evidence to defense lawyers says he was entrapped by a female FBI informant for whom he harbored romantic feelings.

Eric McDavid spent nine years in federal custody for what FBI agents alleged was as an eco-terrorist plot in the name of the Earth Liberation Front. In his first interview since his Jan. 8 release, the 37-year-old Placer County resident tells The Sacramento Bee he is even more distrustful of the government now than he was before his 2006 arrest.

McDavid insists he and two co-defendants who testified against him never planned to destroy a hydroelectric dam and a U.S. Forest Service genetics lab, as federal officials claimed.

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