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Deadline Passes for Candidates Wanting to Challenge Newsom in CA Recall Election

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Some candidates hoping to replace Governor Gavin Newsom are already running television ads.

Others are just announcing they filed paperwork before Friday’s deadline to enter 75 people submitted a candidate intention statement.

Political analyst Larry Gerston said he expects a smaller list to actually land on the ballot.

“The likelihood is 20 to 25 people saying 'I'm going to run for governor.' All it takes is $4,200 and 65 signatures,” he said.

Some will have name recognition while others won't.

Recall supporters with Rescue California said that every candidate stepping in and hoping to replace the governor helps the effort.

“Every single one of these people who campaigns hard is going to bring a "yes" to question one, "do you want to recall the governor?” said Anne Dunsmore, Rescue California's campaign manager.

With the candidate list about to be solidified, campaigns will highlight the issues that got the recall effort started in the first place.

Issues like COVID-19 restrictions and mask rules resurfacing in California could be a factor for Newsom.

“As the pandemic has eased the Governors standing in polls has gone up now with the pandemic making another run. The question is how many people will be upset with the governor for not doing a better job with the pandemic?” Gerston said.

With mail-in ballots going out in just five weeks, Gerston said the Newsom campaign will be publicizing achievements and plans, while hoping to avoid crisis.

“The last thing you want in a campaign is a surprise. This spike is a surprise. Those are the things that turn candidates gray real fast,” he said.

The secretary of state’s office will release a final list of candidates Saturday.

Then on Monday, it will have a random alphabet drawing to determine the order candidates’ names will appear on the recall ballot.

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