Family Watches Mother Get Run Over, Killed in Riverside

It is all too much for one family in Riverside County to comprehend: A mother is gone, killed in front of her own children.

"I had to stand right here and watch her die," Patience, one of the Linda Holguin's children, says.

Relatives say the Holguin was run over outside her Nuevo home multiple times Monday night, and they claim to know the man who was behind the wheel.

"I hope you turn yourself in 'cause you killed my daughter and you hurt me," Frances Rios, Hoguin's mother, pleads emotionally.

Rios was also struck by the driver during the deadly incident, and she says the driver was her daughter's boyfriend.

"He ran her over four times, and I told him, 'You're killing my daughter,' and he laughed at me," Rios says. "And he had my grand baby in the car."

Making the incident all the more difficult to comprehend, the family says the man who killed Holguin is also the father of her youngest child.

Riverside County sheriff's deputies did not identify a suspect and said that an investigation was ongoing.

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