Grinch Mavens, Meet Max in Person

Rescue dogs are taking the sweet role of the Dr. Seuss pup, at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Max and guests at Grinchmas
Universal Studios Hollywood

ONE OF THE HAPPY ANCHORS... of "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas" isn't Whoville, or the pretty snow, or the pretty trees, or even the floofluvers or trumtookas beloved by the Who kids. Those are all pretty great things, yes, and only a grinchy type would say that a reader and/or viewer of the beloved tale can't find joy within those things. But, for many people, it is Max, the Grinch's loyal, smiley, antler-rocking, gumption-showing, emotionally complex pup that provides a lot of gravitas within the tail.... er, tale. After all, Max remains his lovable, upbeat self throughout the yuletide yarn, and we non-Whos feel as though we've found a real friend in him from the very first adorable pages and/or frames of the animated classic. But how to meet Max in real life? Would we need to journey to the top of Mount Crumpit? Or drive our own sleigh to the land o' the Whos? Well, we suppose some fans would make such a journey, but for the rest of us there is...

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD, where Max, as in an honest-to-Grinchmas pup, is currently holding cute court each and every day through Sunday, Dec. 31. As is tradition at the theme park, Max is a rescue pup, a furry, tail-wagging sweetheart who'll sit for a photo with visitors, depending upon the hours. But you can wait for your turn for a bark-worthy snapshot by watching the Grinch-able entertainment, looking at the Seuss-sparkly decor, or queuing up for a photo with the Grinch, who is also ready to make your acquaintance. So how does one attend Grinchmas? With a ticket to Universal Studios Hollywood. Keep in mind that Christmas at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is also happening nearby, with those Hogwarts lights and caroling frogs and hot Butterbeer. As Max might say, bark bark (which is "happy holidays," of course).

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