Reopening California

Interactive Map: Track School Reopenings in California

NBCUniversal Media, LLC

California has launched an interactive map that the public can use to track school reopenings across the state.

The Safe Schools Reopening Map displays the primary mode of instruction — in-person, hybrid or distance learning — being used in elementary, middle and high schools in public school districts. It also provides information related to COVID-19 safety plans.

"As COVID-19 conditions continue to improve and vaccinations ramp up throughout the state, this map will provide local communities with accessible, up-to-date information on how districts in their communities and beyond are adapting to the pandemic, including safety planning and implementation," Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a statement. "This map is one of many resources we have made available that will help school staff and families make informed decisions as we safely reopen our schools."

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