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Viral Note Urges Animal Adoption at California Shelter

The note, seen on social media, falsely claims that more than 600 animals will be euthanized if they are not adopted by Sept. 30



    Viral Note Urges Animal Adoption at California Shelter

    A note that’s gone viral has hundreds of people wondering about the fate of more than 600 animals at a California animal shelter.

    The note, seen on multiple social media outlets, urges people to go to help “save a life” and adopt a cat or dog at Kern County Animal Shelter in Bakersfield by Sept. 30. But the note falsely claims that if these animals aren’t adopted, they will be put down.

    An official from Kern County told NBC 7 News the shelter will not euthanize the animals.

    Animal shelter workers are unsure who initially sent the note, but their office is issuing a press release to correct the false information being reported.

    The Kern County Animal Shelter is holding a “mass adoption” and is offering reduced adoption fees for more than 600 cats and dogs.

    The shelter is hoping to find the animals a forever home before they are forced to leave their facilities by the end of the month, according to an NBC affiliate station. Last week, the City of Bakersfield served the Kern County Animal Shelter with an eviction notice and workers are in the process of looking for a new headquarters. 

    The reduced fee for cats is $5 and $15 for dogs. All the animals have the proper shots. Visit the Kern County Animal Control website for more information.