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Sacramento Mayor, Faith Leaders Hold Vigil in Honor of Mass Shooting Victims

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The Sacramento mayor, faith leaders, victim’s families and community activists gathered Monday to express outrage about the deadliest mass shooting in Sacramento history.

“This is the second mass shooting we’ve had in Sacramento,” said community activist Barry Accius. “What are we going to do about that, city? Our voices can no longer be silent.”

It was a call to action from members of the community.

“You must be heard. Your public officials are right here to hear you,” said Accius.

City and community leaders came together for a candlelight memorial three blocks away from Sunday's mass shooting where six people were killed and 12 injured by rapid gunfire.

“Change has to start,” said Jackie Henderson.

One of his cousins, Sergio Harris, is one of the victims and Henderson is demanding that city leaders take action.

“How are they here for us when we're doing the same damn thing here again,” he said. “Who’s going to stop it? Because nobody going to bring Sergio back.”

Harris' family brought balloons and candles to the downtown area where he was killed.

One suspect is in custody but police said multiple people opened fire.

It happened after a big fight when a bar closed, but police aren’t saying if the two things are related.

The city’s mayor promised action by allocating more money for young people.

“There’s too much hopelessness,” said Mayor Darrell Steinberg. “They don’t know what their future is even if they have a future.”

The community said all of it must change.

“If you’re not passionate or looking for a purpose this is now the time,” said Accius.

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