State's New School Guidance on COVID-19 Includes ‘Modified Quarantine'

Unvaccinated students who are exposed and are asymptomatic are allowed to continue in the classroom but must test twice weekly and abstain from extracurricular activities

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Part of California's new COVID-19 guidance coming out for schools includes what is being dubbed "modified quarantine."

Modified quarantine is for unvaccinated students who are exposed to COVID-19 and allows the student to continue in-person instruction in the same classroom if they are asymptomatic.

Masking must continue, and they must undergo at least twice weekly testing during the 10-day modified quarantine. The affected students must abstain from extracurricular activities during the quarantine.

If a student in the modified quarantine develops symptoms, they must isolate.

The new guideline also applies to teachers and other school staff, including bus drivers.

Anyone who is fully vaccinated is exempt from quarantine, modified or otherwise.

To end the modified quarantine, an infected person must test negative five days after exposure.

As of last week, children accounted for 19% of cases in the U.S., or more than 72,000.

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