3D Printing Companies Shift to Produce Swabs for Coronavirus Testing

NBC Universal, Inc.

Tech companies are stepping up to help in the shortage of swabs needed to test for COVID-19.

Origin, a 3D printing startup, struggled to stay open and keep employees open when the coronavirus pandemic hit. But then the San Francisco company heard about the need for nasal swabs to test for COVID-19.

"Everyone put aside the idea that they might lose their job as a startup," Origin CEO Chris Prucha said. "And everyone went on a mission."

Now, spurred by the call for swabs at testing sites from Gov. Gavin Newsom, Origin has its 3D machines up and running with a purpose.

"We've now dedicated 100% of the company to manufacture and scale up these devices," Prucha said.

Origin is joining forces with other 3D printing companies to make sure California and other states get all the swabs they need.

Newsom said 90,000 swabs have already arrived in the state. 3D companies said they plan to deliver up to 7 million swabs per week as long as they are needed.

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