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A's, Red Sox Fans React to Return of Indoor Mask Mandate in Alameda County

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Alameda County reinstated their indoor mask mandate on Friday. But the confusion on the mandate is facing Oakland Athletics fans at the ballpark, where masks are required in some areas but not others.

At the RingCentral Coliseum, fans are OK with the mask off outside but if they come into any of the team stores or any other indoor venue, they would need to wear a mask.

As the A’s and the Boston Red Sox took to the field for their game Friday, fans were reminded Alameda County was once again requiring masks indoors due to increasing COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations.

“We didn’t realize the new mask mandate was in place, so we got hooked up with some masks – and we’re good to go, said Mendocino County resident Shawn Doebling.

For Red Sox fans like Doebling and Nancy Gastonguay, it’s no big deal.

“No, I don’t mind it. You just have to do what you have to do. It’s easy,” Gastonguay said.

It was same with a couple from Boston, now living in California and more than getting used to masking up, but embracing it as a long-term healthy living solution.

“Since we started wearing masks, no colds, no flu, no nothing. So, we’re keeping it up,” said Mary Ann of Boston.

The A’s are requiring masks at all of the indoor taverns and eateries with seating, as well as the team stores and providing masks at those venues to fans who need them.

“It doesn’t bother us. Don’t mind at all. It’s nice that they have them here. So, we could come on in," said Tatiana and Marco Skretting of Canada.

Others said the face coverings have become such a part of their daily habits, it’s masks up indoors and in big crowds no matter what the local rules currently state and they’re always nearby.

“Ever since we’ve had to wear them, we’ve always had them in cars or anywhere,” said San Leandro resident Carlos Gallardo.

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