coming back from covid

Back to Business: Post-COVID Travel on the Rise

TSA reports the number of business travelers have jumped 19% from March to April.

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When we talk about coming back from COVID the conversation should start at the airport, where business is booming.

It is not just travel for pleasure that is making a comeback -- it's travel for business, too. Silicon Valley techies and others are hopping back on planes in big numbers.

At San Jose International Airport on Wednesday, many people said they were traveling on business for the first time in more than a year and are happy to finally see people face-to-face again.

"It was my first work travel trip since March 2020," said Craig Steel, a vice president of global sales at Silicon Valley-based software company ServiceNow. "It was exciting, a little weird, but ultimately good to be around people."

The TSA said the number of business travelers has jumped 19% from March to April.

"We are seeing a large return to business travel," said Kelly Soderlund, a Bay Area travel expert. "There's no replacement for in-person relationships. And we've been finding that people have been getting back to business."

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