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Bay Area Counties Brace for More Possible Coronavirus Restrictions

The state will announce which counties move tiers in its reopening plan

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Some Bay Area counties are concerned they could be forced into more restrictions with the growing number of COVID-19 cases.

The state will announce which counties move tiers in its reopening plan on Tuesday. Most Bay Area counties are in the orange moderate risk tier, which allows some indoor business operations to open with modifications.

Contra Costa County has said it might be moved back into the red substantial risk tier, which would force some non-essential indoor business operations to close.

There is also concern in Santa Clara County after Dr. Sara Cody, the county public health officer, announced Monday the county's coronavirus case count is starting to surge.

Cases in Santa Clara County jumped to more than 350 on Sunday and hospitalizations are also up.

If counties like Santa Clara do not get the virus spread under control in two weeks, there could be more closures.

"We are trending ourselves right into the red or the purple tier based on the state frameworks and that means a lot more restrictions," Cody said.

At the Table in Willow Glen, co-owner Angelique Shepherd Stump said indoor dining has helped with sales as the weather gets colder.

"Our industry is one of sanitation," she said. "We are constantly washing our hands, sanitizing. We've installed new (air) filtration systems."

Stump is urging officials to keep restaurants open and said they are not the problem.

"We're doing all the proper procedures and the spike in cases right now are due to people gathering for Halloween and private gatherings," she said. "So why don't you go police that instead of small businesses? That's just my opinion."

Doctors said that is the going theory for the spike in COVID cases -- Halloween and private gatherings.

Bay Area health officers are in talks about what to do next if they are forced into more closures.

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