Bay Area Families Make Spring Break Travel Plans

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With spring break less than a month away and a growing number of people getting vaccinated, people are starting to consider traveling for the upcoming holidays and summer.

With hands and faces covered, it was a much busier day at Oakland International Airport Tuesday, compared to last spring when COVID-19 cut the passenger count by 80%. 

“I think nationally, COVID numbers are going down and more people are getting vaccinated,” said Robert Bernanrdo of the airport.

People were not only returning to Oakland, but were purchasing COVID-19 home test kits in vending machines for $150, with results in 48 hours.

“I think as America gets back to work, everything will start picking up. It will be good,” said Michael Brodie.

Fom hand sanitizing dispensers to home test kits available in vending machines, the Oakland airport hopes travelers will feel safer to get back on flights.

“My parents are in India and they are waiting to get the vaccine. Once they do, they’ll be on a plane,” said Daniel Chunkapura.

Chunkapura and his wife said they won’t get the vaccine because they’re trying to have a baby and are weighing the risks. 

For those who have already had two covid vaccine shots, they may be considering everything from a quick summer getaway to rebooking cruises canceled by the pandemic last year. 

All plans are still up in the air - but being talked about with a lot more optimism. 

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