Business Owners Seek Easing Coronavirus Restrictions as Frustrations Mount

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Shelter fatigue is growing by the day in every community, with many residents waiting for coronavirus restrictions to be lifted and businesses eager to reopen.

The owners of Plaza Garbaldi Restaurant in San Jose said they want a break from the stay-at-home order. They understand the need for public health orders, but the owners and many others are asking for more specifics about when California Gov. Gavin Newsom will reopen the state.

Six Bay Area counties announced this week they are extending the stay-at-home order until at least the end of May.

A survey by the Bay Area Council shows that most merchants support the public health orders, but 71% of businesses think the order should be lifted within 30 days, and 26% said it needs to be lifted in two weeks.

Other businesses said it seems the rules are unfair, with small nurseries forced to close, but Target and Home Depot can remain open to sell plants and garden supplies.

Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese is working with a group of supervisors in five other counties to lobby for certain people to return to work, like landscapers and construction workers.

"I'm hoping people in public health in the next few days can give people a little hope by indicating that there are some things that can come back," Cortese said.

Many small businesses, however, are not sure if they can hang on much longer.

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