California Sets New Single-Day High With 157 COVID-19 Deaths

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California on Thursday reported 157 new COVID-19 deaths — a single-day high for the nation's most populous state.

The state’s total number of confirmed cases increased by 12,040 to 425,616, which leads the nation.

"We cannot afford to ignore #COVID19, or simply hope it goes away," Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted. "We have to take action. TOGETHER. Wear a mask. Physically distance. Wash your hands. Your actions can literally save lives."

How Coronavirus Has Grown in Each State — in 1 Chart

This chart shows the cumulative number of cases per state by number of days since the 50th case.

State Sen. Steve Glazer is calling on Newsom to reestablish a shelter-in-place order for most parts of California to force the test positivity rate down from 8% to 2%.

“We’re never going to get our economy back until we can get this virus under control,” he said. “People aren’t going to feel safe going shopping if they feel their public health is at threat.”

But for struggling businesses like O'Flaherty's Irish Pub in San Jose, the thought of even tighter measures sparks anxiety.

“You have no revenue center if you’re shut down,” David Mulvehill with O'Flaherty's said. “You still have bills to pay. Unfortunately then people come off unemployment and then they have to try to go back on it. It’s hard on the staff. It's hard on us as an ownership group. It’s not easy.” 

Coronavirus Deaths in Your City and State — and Across the US

These charts use daily coronavirus death data from Johns Hopkins University to show the seven-day moving average of deaths at the city, state and country level.

The impact of coronavirus varies enormously in the United States from one place to another.

Source: Johns Hopkins University.
Credit: Visuals by Amy O’Kruk/NBC, data analysis by Ron Campbell/NBC

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